Custom Website Design

Some of the many types of custom website designs that we can design for you. From clean, minimalist designs to colourful funky ones.

Why Let NoticedWebsites Design a Custom Website for You?

Besides many other advantages with us, you get a custom website design that:

  • looks great, builds credibility and trust for your business or organization and pays for itself by generating customer leads
  • is keyword optimized and has a site map for search engines like Google, Bing, etc.
  • is mobile friendly, displays well on any type and size of mobile device from smartphones to tablets
  • comes with many features that you can chose to customize your website with (e.g. location map, contact form, appointment form features, etc. & more).

One Page Website Starter Package

This package comes with everything you need for your business website or organizational or personal website, all on one page.

The One Page Website Starter is only $279 $199 Canadian (**Note: Pay in US dollars and get 20%+ off the Canadian price depending on the current rate of exchange!). It includes up to 5 sections (355 pixel maximum height per section) that we customize for you such as creating contact us, about us, product or service description sections.

An example of one page website can be seen in this live Sample Website (opens in a new window), which also shows what content we need from you to design your site.

Note: an one page website is search engine optimized, but only to within limits of a one page design. Add a blog for practical search engine optimization for only $50 Canadian more (**Note: Pay in US dollars and get approximately 20% off the quoted price depending on the current rate of exchange!).

See our portfolio page (opens in a new window) to see more examples of custom websites designed for various businesses and organizations.

Custom Website Design Value Package

If you prefer to have a multipage website, we also offer a Custom Website Design Value Package.

This package gives you up to four custom designed web pages (i.e., Home, Contact us, About us and one Product/service info page for a business or “Other” page for a nonprofit). Being multipage, it displays more detailed information on each page than the brief One Page Website Starter Package. Plus, the Custom Website Design Value Package is currently one hundred dollars off its regular price.

Visit our portfolio page (opens in a new window) for some samples of our web designs.

If you would like more than 4 web pages for your site and/or the ability to take orders and payment right from your web (i.e. ecommerce), ask us about our Deluxe, Ultimate and Ecommerce Combination Packages. For the Ecommerce Combination Package, a basic ecommerce store of up to four products or services is added to your website and the $397 ecommerce set up fee is waived. As well, any online sales your ecommerce store generates is FREE for the first 30 days. You pay a small commission on each online sale after 30 days.

Satisfaction guaranteed badge | Noticedwebsites

With the content (copy, etc.) supplied by you and your colour and design preferences, we will design your website to your satisfaction, subject to a maximum number of edits. 

If for any reason you are not satisfied after three rounds of edits your website, we will refund your deposit on request. A 50% deposit is required when you hire us and final payment is due before your website goes live.

We're happy to answer your questions, so please share them at or contact us at (604) 417-1020 or toll free outside Vancouver at 1-800-832-1267 or submit your questions/suggestions/comments to our contact form for a prompt reply.


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