Like to know how well your online (or web) presence is in attracting new customers to you from the Internet?

Find out by requesting your free online presence presence report.

What’s an Online Presence Report?

This report grades your website on four measures of your online presence which affect your ability to attract new customers online. These four measures are:

  • on site SEO (how search engine optimized is your website)
  • social proof (your number of likes, shares, etc. across social media)
  • online reputation (your number of reviews on your Google My Business Page) and
  • website performance (your website’s page speed and security from attacks, etc.).

Here’s an actual report for a business. The top part of this report is shown below (click to enlarge it). The business name in this report is blurred out to protect the confidentially of the business this report is for.

The full report continues below the letter grades section and shows what criteria was measured to arrive at each grade.

Managing Your Online Presence

With your Online Presence Report, you’ll be able to use it to help improve your online presence.

By working on improving each criteria’s results, you’ll eventually increase visitors to your site and to business or organization. This will give you more chances to convert your visitors into sales, if you’re a business or engagement and support, if you’re an organization.

Request Your Online Presence Report

Fill out the contact form below. List your website address and email address on the form to ask for your free report. We’ll then quickly email the report to you after analyzing your website.

If you would like help on improving your online presence, you can also note this on the form and we will contact you as well.

We're happy to answer your questions, so please share them at or contact us at (604) 417-1020 or toll free outside Vancouver at 1-800-832-1267 or submit your questions/suggestions/comments to our contact form for a prompt reply.


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